Skanda Moksh


Perfect harmony, perfect living

According to the Vedas the “Five great elements” Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Bhumi (Earth), Jala (Water) and Akasha (Space) rule our life.

The human body is made out of the energies & synergies of the natural power of these five elements.

Yavu (A breath of fresh air)

Wide open space with a seemingly endless horizon beckons. Its verdant/ and scaped beauty with no barriers (no compound walls) and pollution free, air make it one of its kind.

Jala (Let the sacred water bring the purity & well being)

Recharge & rejuvenate with the soothing properties of water. Refresh & immerse yourself in one of the numerous water bodies (Swimming pools) locate in the eco-friendly landscape.

Agni (Alight purity & harmony)

Primordial light the sun day light let its abundance shine through let it drench the blades of grass and burn away all impurities, may it lead you from darkness to light.

Akasha (Infinity at your door step)

Vast open spaces of greenery and serenity wait patiently for your next move. Luxurious rooms with no common walls, large living spaces,. A sense of freedom & privacy for everybody with in the same home.

Bhumi (The Ground beneath thy feel)

Experience the earth in all its glory. Let nature’s bounty speak to you intimately. Feel the dew under your bare feet as you take a leisurely walk. Smell the exotic flowers & feats your eyes on a symphony of mesmerizing greenery.

Moksh advantage.

  • No common walls to give you never before pricavy.
  • Piped LPG connection to each of the Villa.
  • Adherence to the general principles of Vastu.
  • Gated community with 24 hr surveillance system and access control security.
  • Pollution and traffic –free environs.
  • Villas amidst lush greenery with yielding coconut trees in each plot.
  • Friendly neighborhood close to major work, leisure and lifestyle centres.
  • Future appreciation value of the property becomes manifold since it’s just 2.5ks away from top
  • IT companies.

Skanda Quality

  • Meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations.
  • Maximum use of the latest technologies to meet contemporary requirements.
  • Striving for continuous improvement in all area of development based on customer inputs in
  • order to provide customer delight.
  • Developing eco-friendly projects.
  • Ensuring value for money.